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Albums Everyone Should Own

April 3, 2008


If you haven’t already seen this – you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

Seriously, turn off the radio (turn off that bullshit) for awhile and catch up on some great albums you may have either missed or forgotten about.

Do it now.


The Evolution of Malt Liquor Commercials

March 26, 2008

You almost forgot about these, didn’t you?


That’s a’ight…I probably would’ve too, if it hadn’t been for the Homies Label release of the St. Ides Radio commercials on vinyl – or the 40 oz. Cozys I picked up for my crew for X-Mas.

And since I’m entirely too preoccupied to assemble anything in list form – I instead have to thank Cotton & Sand for their brilliant compilation:

A Look At Malt Liquor Commercials Through The Years


Back To The Metal

March 13, 2008

Damn I love the internets!

Trust me – click the picture and watch all of it.



Karaoke Rage

March 13, 2008

Frankly, I’m surprised this type of thing doesn’t happen more often:

A gunman in Thailand shot-dead eight neighbours, including his brother-in-law, after tiring of their karaoke versions of popular songs, including John Denver’s Country Roads.

Weenus Chumkamnerd, 52, put his gun to the head of a respected female doctor and seven of her guests as they partied at her home in Songkhla Province, South Thailand.

“When I began shooting nobody pleaded for his life because they were all drunk,” he said after his arrest.

A neighbour said that the karaoke group normally sang Thai pop and southern Thai ballads, but one particular western tune could be heard often – John Denver’s ‘Country Roads’.

Country Roads is a hugely popular song in south east Asia andthe neighbour said the revellers had been singing it over and over again.

He said he was so furious with their awful singing that he did not notice he had murdered his own brother-in-law.

“I warned these people about their noisy karaoke parties. I said if they carried on I would go down and shoot them. I had told them if I couldn’t talk sense into them I would come back and finish them off,” he added.


Rap lyrics represented using Graphs

February 22, 2008

Yeah, I know this is a bit old – but nothing spectacular popped up today (that I came across, anyway), so old stuff is what you get:

Rap lyrics represented using Graphs



Total Lunar Eclipse – Tonight

February 20, 2008

Cue up your copy of Darkside Of The Moon (or the Easy Star All Stars’: Dub Side of the Moon – if you’ve got it)…


Click on the picture to go to NASA – they’ll give you all the details (as well as viewing times if you’re not on Pacific Standard Time).


The Tony B Machine

February 13, 2008

I’m outta town ‘beginning tomorrow (and not comin’ back ’til Monday), so you won’t be seeing any new content ’til Tuesday (unless my party companions can’t keep up – which could happen).

During the hiatus I highly recommend to spend some time over at Tony B’s (click the picture), where you can explore your musical side a bit…