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Alfred W. Bush?

March 5, 2008



The Pope is Loony, Could Use A Psychiatrist

February 5, 2008

Pope backs surge of exorcism squads ‘to fight the Devil head on’

The Vatican has never given up belief in the reality of demonic possession, but the practice of actual exorcisms has waned over the last few centuries. Now, however, the Vatican’s chief exorcist has revealed that Pope Benedict XVI takes the problem very seriously and is “setting up exorcism squads to deal with the rampant growth of Satanism.”

Father Gabriele Amorth is both the senior exorcist of the diocese of Rome and the founder of the International Association of Exorcists. He has condemned the Harry Potter novels as containing “the signature of the Prince of Darkness” and recently warned that diabolical influences can reach even into the Vatican.

Amorth told IBN that “the action of the Devil is a lot more widespread than in the past, not because he has more strength, but because he is given more space.” He went on to complain that these days “prists and bishops know nothing about the subject. … They believe in the Devil, but they don’t believe much in the actions of the Devil, so they prefer to send everyone to psychiatrists.”

Pope Benedict, who “is said to be a firm believer in the existence of evil,” has called for hundreds of priests to be trained as exorcists and made available to every Bishop. “Thank God there is a pope who wants to fight the devil head on,” Amorth told IBN.

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Neocon Bingo

January 29, 2008

Just a week from today we will have “Super Tuesday” thrust upon us.

If you’re anything like me, just listening to any of the assholes involved in the republican primaries makes you want to start drinking heavily.

Unfortunately, watching power-hungry jerk-offs and drinking doesn’t always make the greatest social event. Well, it can be now that Gin & Taco’s have introduced “Neocon Bingo”.

All you need to do to prepare is to click this link – The Neocon Bingo Game – and print out the card. Once printed, hit F5 for a new card and continue printing until you have bingo cards for everyone. From there, all you need to do is make sure you mark your card and take a big ol’ swig every time your category gets mentioned.

It should be noted that this game can be played pretty much anytime or anywhere. All you need to do is switch on Fox News, tune into Bill O’Reilly’s, read through the Wall Street Journal editorials (or Bill Kristol’s new column in the New York Times) or browse any of the many “conservative” websites here on the Information Superhighway.

Have fun!


The 5 Current Genetic Experiments Most Likely to Destroy Humanity

January 14, 2008


From Super-Speed Mice to Jellyfish-Monkeys, Cow-People, Zombie-Pigs and Spider-Goats, here are the:

The 5 Current Genetic Experiments Most Likely to Destroy Humanity


Idiot of the Year – 2007

January 3, 2008


So, here’s my choice for for Idiot of the Year. If you can think of anyone more deserving, let me know – i’d be very interested to see how anyone could possibly top this crazy bitch.

Here’s the proof – the Top 5 Sherri Shepherd Moments of 2007 – from the Huffington Post

“…though Sherri Shepherd just joined “The View” in September, it’s tough to put together a Top 5 Sherri Moments list because she’s full of so many wonderful gems. Whether it’s condoning domestic violence, advocating corporal punishment, or just getting stumped when asked the difficult question, “Is the world flat?” It seems like every time we tune in she has something crazy to say. For this, we are forever grateful to Barbara Walters and the rest of “The View” staff responsible for her hire.”


The Flying Spaghetti Monster Strikes Again!

December 28, 2007


Efforts were afoot recently on the Polk County School Board (in the Tampa, FL area) to begin teaching the “concept” of intelligent design in science classes as an alternative to evolution, at a time when new state standards mentioning evolution by name for the first time are under consideration. It appeared that this bonehead move had the support of a majority of the school board, but that was before the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster arrived and shamed the school board into backing down.  Click on the link below to read more…


50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2007

December 27, 2007

From The BEAST – notice the O’Reilly nod at #23.


My favorites are numbers 43, 26, 14, 13 and (my absolute favorite) # 9.

Oh, a special nod to #24:  Deryk Schlessinger – who proves beyond any doubt that “Dr.” Laura is in no way worthy of dispensing the ridiculous “advice” she’s famous for.