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Homemade Bacon Flavored Vodka

January 25, 2008

This one has (understandably) been making the rounds here on the tubes, so if you’ve already seen it – well, here it is again:


“If you have time, bacon and vodka, you too can have this tasty elixir in your hands.”

Read more and get the recipe at Brownie Points.


Stubbs BBQ

December 10, 2007

The folks at Stubbs have never steered me wrong. Their marinades, sauces and dry spice rubs are all top-notch, and I use them whenever I don’t feel like allocating the extra time to create my own – so, yeah – I use ’em about 90% of the time.


Now, though I admit I can be lazy with the sauces and rubs (I could argue that you can’t improve on perfection), I always prefer making my own barbeque. 

That said, I just found out today that Stubbs also delivers (overnight – on dry ice) a number of freshly smoked meats directly from their restaurant in Austin, Texas – including brisket, ribs (baby back & St. Louis), pork tenderloin, turkey, ham, sausage and beef jerky. Just look at these masterpieces…



Damn, my mouth’s watering just thinking about how good this stuff’s gotta be.

If nothing else – I’m definitely gonna grab his cookbook – I suppose i’ll wait ’til 2008 though…just in case anyone’s thinking of this for me as a gift (wink, wink, nudge nudge)… | | |


More Gift Ideas – Games for the Whole Family

December 3, 2007

Not sure what to get some people yet?

Well, you can’t go wrong with any of the fine games I’ve linked below.

They may sound familiar, but you can rest assured that you won’t be giving them something they already own (click on the name of the game for the link):








If those don’t do it for you (wimp), don’t overlook the fine products available from Dee’s Nuts, The Beerbelly, and T-Shirt Hell!


Best Christmas Shirt Ever

November 28, 2007


From: Busted Tees

Here’s a small assortment of some of their other shirts, which are also (though certainly not equally) great:



T-Shirt Hell

November 12, 2007

As a public service (being the avid philanthropist that I am), I’ve decided to provide to you a variety of wholesome holiday gift ideas – so you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about it yourselves…

In addition to the fine products available from Dee’s Nuts and The Beerbelly, nothing says “Happy Fucking Whatever” like a gift certificate from…

T-Shirt Hell – where all the bad shirts go



The above designs are only a small sample of the environmentally and socially conscious threads available at T-Shirt Hell.

…and they’ve also got shirt for the kids – perfect for that dipshit poor friend of yours who now has their entire life devoted to someone other than themselves…


Happy shopping!


Onion Christmas Cards

November 5, 2007

I heard my first damn Christmas song of the season over the weekend – thanks to a forgettable T.V. commercial. You can be damn sure if I remember the company responsible, I’m gonna boycott them for at least a couple years – it was the third day of November for fuck’s sake!

On a somewhat related note…The Onion has come up with the greatest Christmas cards I’ve ever seen…


My favorite: Don’t forget the fuckin’ cookies.


Dee’s Nuts

October 4, 2007

I have some awful news. Actually, “awful” doesn’t even begin to describe this…

Normally I would simply let something like this this fester inside of me, so as to not bring anyone else down. This time however, I cannot bear the weight by myself and I must share this piece of horrible news with you…

“Due to government food regulations regarding contact with perishable food products, Dee’s Nuts is now only permitted to Cleavage Filter (their) world famous salted peanuts in a shell.”salty-new1.jpg                      

For those of you unlucky souls who never had the pleasure of experiencing for yourselves the heavenly flavor that results from cleavage filtering, I can only offer my most sincere condolences – for you may never again be able to “taste the difference that breasts make”. The only respite I can offer is that they haven’t yet taken away the individual, quality nut sacks accompanying each package.

I have no doubt that their Salted Peanuts in a Shell are delicious, and even without the cleavage filtering process, I’m certain the other 7 varieties of Dee’s Nuts will continue to be the most delicious nuts on the market.

Still, I can’t help but feel a level of despair I haven’t felt since my dreams of forming a Drunken Lawn Dart League were crushed  – when lawn darts were taken of the market after being deemed “too dangerous”.

Yes my friends – this is just one more case of government bureaucracy spiraling out of control – of our tax dollars being used for the evil bidding of puritans – of another of our cherished freedoms and pastimes being taken out back, stripped naked, hog-tied, whipped, beaten, stabbed, shot and thrown in the wood-chipper.

I’m pretty sure this means the terrorists have won.