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Albums Everyone Should Own

April 3, 2008


If you haven’t already seen this – you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

Seriously, turn off the radio (turn off that bullshit) for awhile and catch up on some great albums you may have either missed or forgotten about.

Do it now.


The Evolution of Malt Liquor Commercials

March 26, 2008

You almost forgot about these, didn’t you?


That’s a’ight…I probably would’ve too, if it hadn’t been for the Homies Label release of the St. Ides Radio commercials on vinyl – or the 40 oz. Cozys I picked up for my crew for X-Mas.

And since I’m entirely too preoccupied to assemble anything in list form – I instead have to thank Cotton & Sand for their brilliant compilation:

A Look At Malt Liquor Commercials Through The Years


South Park

March 20, 2008

Sorry folks – I’m busy as hell right now and I won’t be updating much (at least for a few more days).  In the meantime, this should hold you over – almost every South Park episode – online and for free:


Courtesy of



March 18, 2008

Hulu is a collaboration between NBC and News Corp…basically YouTube, but with full episodes of tv shows and entire movies, all for free, all with embedding capability. There’s even some sort of clipping tool that lets you start and end the clips wherever you like.


You gotta sign up (for free) to watch, which I suppose is a small price to pay for being able to watch (on demand) The Big Lebowski, The Usual SuspectsDragon – The Bruce Lee Story (to name a few) as well as a large variety of TV shows (current & classic) such as Arrested Development, The Office or even…


Props to, for the link & info.


The 25 Most Disturbing Sex Toys

March 18, 2008

Hopefully this little nugget from will help you forget about that hangover you’re still nursing from last night…for a little while, anyway.




The 22 Best Zombies of All Time

March 12, 2008

While I can’t agree with zombies from video games being included as part of The 26 Best Zombies of All Time, the remainder of the list is close to flawless.


Enjoy this one while it lasts – I’m sure they’ll have to re-do this once Zombie Strippers comes out (see below).


Zombie Strippers!

March 11, 2008

Finally – a movie combining the greatest movie genre (zombies, naturally) and the greatest form of live entertainment:


Click here or on the poster (above) to see the trailer

Personally, I’m torn on this one…though it certainly has the potential to be one of the greatest (cheesy) horror flicks of all time, it will also (definitely) rank as the worst Jenna Jameson movie ever made.

There’s a (very) limited theatrical release beginning April 18. The DVD release is currently scheduled for October 20.