Neocon Bingo

January 29, 2008

Just a week from today we will have “Super Tuesday” thrust upon us.

If you’re anything like me, just listening to any of the assholes involved in the republican primaries makes you want to start drinking heavily.

Unfortunately, watching power-hungry jerk-offs and drinking doesn’t always make the greatest social event. Well, it can be now that Gin & Taco’s have introduced “Neocon Bingo”.

All you need to do to prepare is to click this link – The Neocon Bingo Game – and print out the card. Once printed, hit F5 for a new card and continue printing until you have bingo cards for everyone. From there, all you need to do is make sure you mark your card and take a big ol’ swig every time your category gets mentioned.

It should be noted that this game can be played pretty much anytime or anywhere. All you need to do is switch on Fox News, tune into Bill O’Reilly’s, read through the Wall Street Journal editorials (or Bill Kristol’s new column in the New York Times) or browse any of the many “conservative” websites here on the Information Superhighway.

Have fun!



  1. hey there love monkeys apparently you do too lol!

  2. sorry i meant to mention that i enjoyed playing neocon bingo… i actually won 5 times in a row and totally fleeced everyone else! how do you like them apples, dr winslow? hyachahchahcahcha!

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