Stubbs BBQ

December 10, 2007

The folks at Stubbs have never steered me wrong. Their marinades, sauces and dry spice rubs are all top-notch, and I use them whenever I don’t feel like allocating the extra time to create my own – so, yeah – I use ’em about 90% of the time.


Now, though I admit I can be lazy with the sauces and rubs (I could argue that you can’t improve on perfection), I always prefer making my own barbeque. 

That said, I just found out today that Stubbs also delivers (overnight – on dry ice) a number of freshly smoked meats directly from their restaurant in Austin, Texas – including brisket, ribs (baby back & St. Louis), pork tenderloin, turkey, ham, sausage and beef jerky. Just look at these masterpieces…



Damn, my mouth’s watering just thinking about how good this stuff’s gotta be.

If nothing else – I’m definitely gonna grab his cookbook – I suppose i’ll wait ’til 2008 though…just in case anyone’s thinking of this for me as a gift (wink, wink, nudge nudge)…

www.ilovestubbs.com | www.stubbsbbq.com | www.buystubbs.com |


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