Repeal Day – December 5th

November 27, 2007

A week from tomorrow will mark the 74th anniversary of the day the United States repealed the Eighteenth Amendment (aka Prohibition) – thus waking our great country from 13 years of darkness and drought.


As Americans, we should be celebrating this day like no other drinking holiday – it should put the revelry and debauchery of  St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco De Mayo to absolute shame.

Yeah, it’s on a Wednesday this year – suck it up. I know you don’t skip over the foreign drinking holidays when they fall on weekdays.

So go on – revel in your right to drink! Enjoy your liberties! Mock the puritans and teetotalers!

Celebrate your freedom!

You can find an abbreviated history at www.repealday.org/ – additional props to Dewer’s.

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