“Yes, I’ve got monkeys in my pants.”

November 26, 2007

Yeah, it’s from 2002 – but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth revisiting…


Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Johns said Californian Robert Cusack had been undergoing a routine inspection at Los Angeles Airport after arriving from Thailand… 

“It became non-routine when they opened his luggage and a bird of paradise took off flying in the terminal,” Johns said.

The agents found three more birds in his bag, tucked into nylon stockings, along with 50 orchids of a threatened species.

Asked by agents if he had anything else to tell them, Cusack responded: “Yes, I’ve got monkeys in my pants.”

Cusack was later sentenced to 57 days in jail.

Read the whole article (from Reuters) here: http://archives.cnn.com/2002/US/West/12/19/monkey.pants.reut/


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