The Creation Museum

November 14, 2007

I wasn’t gonna post about the Creation Museum, mostly because a friend of mine (?) already posted a hilarious entry on his site (What The Deuce?). 

That said, I can’t help myself – especially after my man DJ Tim (who hasn’t added a damn thing to his site in about a month) sent me this link yesterday: “Your Creation Museum Report“.

It’s comedic genius – you absolutely gotta read it for yourself. Oh, to add to the hilarity, check out the accompanying photo set (with brilliant commentary).


“There are people, who believe, that dinosaurs and men, lived together. That they roamed the earth at the same time. There are museums that children go to, in which they build dioramas, to show them this. And what this is, purely and simply, is a clinical, psychotic reaction. They are crazy. They are stone, cold, fuck, nuts. I can’t be kind about this. Because these people are watching the Flintstones as if it were a documentary”.              – Lewis Black


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